Wall Pieces with custom metal wall mountings

Go large scale in your interior space with the Wall Pieces. The custom metal wall mountings add density to the piece and create a complete, framed and industrial look.


The Wall Piece is printed on strong high-quality canvas finished with custom metal wall mountings by Copehagen blacksmith SMEDELAB.


Height: Indefinite / Max width of roll 145 cm.


The Wall piece is fire resistant, highly durable and UV-resistant.
It comes with custom metal wall mountings, that level the piece on the wall.
The Wall Piece is easy to mount, as metal eyelets are placed on the back of the metal.


Incl VAT. / excl. shipping and mounting

100 x 100 cm 6.875 DKK 963 €
100 x 200 cm 8750 DKK 1.225 €
145 x 250 cm 11.250 DKK 1.575 €

What to do next?

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