Unique Surfaces

We customise and print our artworks LARGE SCALE on unique surfaces.
1: Browse through our artworks  2: HAVE A LOOK AT OUR UNIQUE SURFACES BELOW  3: Contact us and let us customise the Art Piece for you.

Underwatery and Cosmorama printed on Acoustic Piece surfaces.


The Acoustic Pieces are particularly ideal when you are in need of improving the acoustics in your interior space while desiring a visual expression.

High-quality lightfast canvas attached
to an ultra-thin aluminium frame.

Lady lovely printed on the Canvas Piece surface


The Coated Canvas Pieces are easy to style in any interior space.
Go for a large scale format for instant effect, that can both be mounted
or placed standing against the wall.

High quality, coated canvas stretched onto a pinewood frame.

Adhesive Wall Piece in office

Adhesive Foil Surface

The Adhesive Foil Surface creates an instant dramatic effect as it sticks to the wall like a big sticker. It is super easy to apply onto almost any wall surfaces and is ideal if you want to create a raw and industrial look – full of edge.

Lightfast Easy-slip foil.

Lightbox lighted artwork paradisco productions


The Lightbox takes Paradisco Productions’ universe to new levels as it functions both as artwork and light source. The Lightbox gives an edge to any interior project and it is ideally suited for hallways, lobbies and conference rooms.

Lightfast backlight fabric stretched onto an aluminium frame.

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