Lightbox Pieces

The Lightbox combines art with light. It takes Paradisco Productions’ universe to new levels as it functions as an artwork as well as light source.
The Lightbox gives edge to any interior project and it is ideally suited for hallways, lobbys and conference rooms.


The Lightbox is created with lightfast backlight fabric stretched onto an aluminum frame.


Max H:300 x W:300 cm.


The Lightbox combines art with light, and the back-light enhances the look and depth of the artwork.
Small light bulbs are placed inside the aluminium frame in top and bottom, and both transformer and electric cable are enclosed.


Incl VAT. / excl. shipping and mounting

100 x 100 cm 12.500 DKK 1.690 €
100 x 200 cm 18.750 DKK 2.500 €
300 x 300 cm 47.500 DKK 6.375 €

What to do next?

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