Adhesive Foil Surface

The Adhesive Wall Surface creates an instant dramatic effect as it sticks to the wall like a big sticker. It is super easy to apply onto almost any wall surfaces and is ideal if you want to create a raw and industrial look – full of edge.


Lightfast Easy-slip foil.


Height: Indefinite / Max width of roll 130 cm.


The Adhesive Wall Piece sticks to most surfaces that are painted or untreated.
It is very easy to apply to the surface, and air bubbles are avoided by using a paint roller when mounting.
After a period, the Adhesive Wall Piece becomes fixed to the wall.


Incl VAT. / excl. shipping and mounting

100 x 100 cm 1.875 DKK 263 €
100 x 200 cm 3.500 DKK 490 €
130 x 250 cm 4.750 DKK 665 €

What to do next?

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