Expand the possibilities for your next large scale interior project with our various printable surface options
and special artwork collection. We collaborate with Danish manufacturers to provide our clients with a unique collection of artworks
collection of artworks printed on custom surfaces.

Underwatery artwork in restaurant
Underwatery artwork in FF Aarhus restaurant

Exclusively Eclectic
Styling by Interior Architect Helle Holstein

Restaurant FF Århus, Denmark
8 x 1-meter custom ordered ACOUSTIC PIECE with UNDERWATERY artwork.

Underwatery artwork in restaurant
Lady Lovely printed on Canvas Piece

Dare to go industrial

Mette from Aarhus, Denmark has gone large scale in her dining room which looks amazing. She has customised our Lady Lovely on CANVAS PIECE surface and created that stylish, industrial look.

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Glorior and Inked Canvas Pieces decorated in Nordic home

Monochrome lux

When Lone and her husband were decorating their living room, the aim was to make it personal, stylish and long-lasting. They choose our INKED and GLORIOR artworks printed on CANVAS PIECE surface. They are now contemplating what artwork to put on their kitchen wall.

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Disco Flamingo in Danish livingroom

Black & Pink

Heidi from Copenhagen, Denmark has styled her living room combining design classics with a 2-meter tall flamingo.
Heidi has customised DISCO FLAMINGO artwork with CANVAS PIECE surface. It’s a bold and exclusive statement, and we love this eclectic mix!

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Underwatery artwork printed on acoustic surface


A family from Risskov, Denmark has truly eliminated bad acoustics in their hallway.
They have chosen the two artworks UNDERWATERY and COSMORAMA printed on our ACOUSTIC PIECES to give splashes of colour to their minimalistic and clean looking hallway.

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Flash artwork printed on Acoustic Piece surface


Louise and Casper from Silkeborg, Denmark have gone bold, vertical and large scale with our FLASH artwork customised on ACOUSTIC PIECES. It’s hung in their entrance hall creating instant decadence.

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