In Paradisco Productions, we love to get inspired!
That is why we have selected a delicious stack of photos from the private homes of our fantastic customers.
Get inspiration on how to style with your Paradisco artwork.

Phantasma poster styled against white wall in kitchen

Upside Down

In her beautiful, aesthetically clean interior Mette from Århus, Denmark has customised the PHANTASMA poster and turned it upside down.
That’s the thing with abstract posters – you can style them however you please!

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Underwatery poster in kitchen decor

Unique Kitchen Decor

Johanna Nyborg Bendtsen, Denmark has truly amazed us with a personal and unique kitchen styling. She has decorated with an eclectic mix of kids drawings, photos and our UNDERWATERY poster.

– See more of Johanna’s beautiful stylings on Instagram #johannanb.

Dazzled wall Piece customised for private home

Dazzling Wall decor

Sarah from Charlottenlund, Denmark has been longing to add more colour to her home styling. She loves to surround herself with soft, blush-toned furniture, so for her the customised DAZZLED WALL PIECE works really well.
The Wall Piece complements and enhances her beautiful furniture, and yet creates a subtle and edgy colour contrast.

Get inspired with Lady Lovely Acoustic Piece

Dare to go industrial

Mette from Aarhus, Denmark has gone large scale in her dining room which looks amazing. She has customised our Lady Lovely on PRINTED CANVAS and created that stylish, industrial look.

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Man Supreme and Lady Lovely


Johanna Nyborg Bendtsen, Denmark evokes a sense of harmony between past and present.
She has styled our favourite monochrome power couple – MAN SUPREME & LADY LOVELY with a dominant dark teak wood credenza, creating that true nordic retro feel.

– See more of Johanna’s beautiful stylings on Instagram #johannanb.



A family from Risskov, Denmark has truly eliminated bad acoustics in their hallway.
They have chosen the two artworks UNDERWATERY and COSMORAMA printed on our ACOUSTIC PIECES to give splashes of colour to their minimalistic and clean looking hallway.

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Orbit poster in Scandinavian setting

Earthy Galactic

Our galactic looking poster ORBIT in BLACK FRAME is beautifully styled in a private home outside Copenhagen. The clean and earthy Nordic look is enhanced by the metallic vase and cast iron candle holder.

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Moss room, after the disco

Moss Home Disco

Julie, the fantastic interior blogger behind has put our AFTER THE DISCO poster on her bedroom wall.

We love her relaxed approach to interior decor and nordic design and how the black and white poster fuses together with the surroundings of green plants, wooden shelvings and multi-coloured books.

Julie is a marvellous writer and thoroughly describes how the statement print in the wall poster “After the Disco – the stars come out” makes a lasting impression on her, as it seduces her and gives her a reason to day dream.

Dazzled Wall Piece in apartment in Copenhagen

CITY styling

A PR agency in the middle of Copenhagen have styled their stairs with DAZZLED artwork printed on WALL PIECE in nude and soft tones. They love the combination of a feminine and yet bold look to greet their customers.

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Disco Flamingo in livingroom

Black & Pink

Heidi from Copenhagen, Denmark has styled her livingroom combining design classics with a 2 meter tall flamingo.
Heidi has customised DISCO FLAMINGO artwork with PRINTED CANVAS surface. It’s a bold and exclusive statement, and we love this eclectic mix!

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Angelica poster in hallway

Abstract VS Graphic

Carina Nielsen, Denmark has mastered the art of combining contrasts in her hallway.
The abstract and icy look of our ANGELICA poster together with a graphic typography poster (other brand), truly is a compliment to Carina’s sense of aesthetics.

– See more of Carina’s aesthetic style on Instagram #frames_by_carina.

Inked poster on shelf

Scandinavian Ink

The Scandinavian style is all about the monochrome, industrial look.
Carina Nielsen has made a beautiful styling with our INKED poster in A3, enhancing the black & white tones in her interior decor.

– See more of Carina’s aesthetic style on Instagram #frames_by_carina.

Glorior and Inked decorated in Copenhagen home

Monochrome lux

When Lone and her husband were decorating their living room, the aim was to make it personal, stylish and long-lasting. They choose our INKED and GLORIOR artworks printed on PRINTED CANVAS surface. They are now contemplating what artwork to put on their kitchen wall.

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Inked customised on Printed Canvas


Louise and Casper from Silkeborg, Denmark have gone bold, vertical and large scale with our INKED artwork customised on PRINTED CANVAS. It’s hung above their living room sofa creating instant decadence on their wall.

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