Adhesive film for glass surfaces

Attach the film to any glass surface to create an edgy and transparent look. The film is printed on the front and reverse side, which makes it ideal for glass dividers in office spaces, restaurants and hotels.


Lightfast Easy-slip film available in either transparent or full coloured background.


Height: Indefinite / Max width of roll 135 cm.


The Self Adhesive Film is available in transparent or full coloured background, and can be contour-cut to define the shape of the artwork.
The film is printed on the front and reverse, which makes it visible from both sides of the glass surface.


Incl VAT. / excl. shipping and mounting

100 x 100 cm 1.875 DKK 263 €
100 x 200 cm 3.500 DKK 490 €
130 x 250 cm 4.750 DKK 665 €

What to do next?

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Studio artwork print on transparent Adhesive foil