”In everything we do, we believe in
challenging the world with our signature style”

I am Tina – The founder and creative force behind Paradisco Productions based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Paradisco Productions is abstract hand-painted artworks done by me, and printed on various surfaces from posters to large scale canvas, wall pieces and even custom interior work. We collaborate with different companies and our designs are being used in interior projects in both the residential and commercial field.

The ambition of Paradisco Productions is to combine artworks with surfaces, creating an edgy universe where the delicate and the raw unite in a strong and industrial look. In my work – I am focused on putting my passion and skills to good use by creating beautiful and edgy designs that inspire people and challenge the world of interior design.

In my life before establishing Paradisco Productions I was working as a fashion designer for different commercial companies, but never really saw it fit for my creative abilities and imaginative style. I simply urged to be surrounded by a bold and dreamy universe, without limits and full of creativity – exactly what Paradisco Productions is known for today.

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With love – Tina & the Paradisco Dancers

Tina Rud McGrade

Tina Rud McGrade

Owner & Creative Force

Personal info: Married and living on Nørrebro, Copenhagen.
Educational background: Fashion & print designer.
I love design that is: Bold, edgy and abstract.
Exceptional talent: Spotting beautiful surfaces and creating something from nothing.

Anna Sofie Sørensen

Anna Sofie Sørensen

Graphic layout & social media responsible

Personal info: Taking over Copenhagen.
Educational background: Multimedia- & Brand Design.
I love design that is: Clean, minimalistic and unique.
Exceptional talent: Redecorating my apartment over and over again.

Paradisco Productions Studio